Author: Connor Stephens

If you have never purchased furniture, such as the dining table or sofa, before clicking, review this guide.

A few years back it was unthinkable; online purchases are already the bread and butter of every day. The comfort of visiting, even virtually, all the shops that we want without getting up off the couch, is unrivaled. Also, there are the low prices, which we often find online, and the speed with which shipments are made today. When we think of buying bedroom furniture packages through the Internet, however, it is normal to feel certain nerves, because it is not about small decorative objects, but the sofa, the bookshelf or even that dining table to fit the whole family. 

The reality is that, if you search and choose reputable online stores and an excellent customer service department, there is no reason to worry. Just read the descriptions of the product, compare the information with the experiences shared by other buyers, find out about the expenses related to the shipment and make sure they accept returns. Oh … and before you click and buy, call by phone. Nothing like a human voice to help you clear any doubt!

In This Guide, You Will Find Six Strategies To Make Sure That Your Purchase Is A Success.

Measure Carefully!

It is essential that you correctly measure the furniture you are thinking of buying, and do so depending on the space where you are thinking of putting it, you will avoid more than one disappointment! If when reading the measures included in the description you see that something is missing or there is a number that does not make sense, call and find out with a representative. To help you visualize the furniture in space, my advice is to mark the silhouette of this on the floor and the wall, using painter’s tape (it sticks and takes off quickly and leaves no mark). This step is essential if there is someone in the house who uses some support to move, such as a cane, walker or walker. The objective is that the new furniture does not interfere with the passage or circulation of each member of the family. If the furniture you are thinking of buying expands, such as a reclining chair, a sofa bed, a dining table that includes a wing to enlarge, among others, make sure you have enough free space around it.

Also, measure the corridor, stairs, and doors through which you have to pass and turn the furniture when they send it … the last thing you want is to order a piece of furniture and not to enter through the door!

We Accept Returns

Although you carefully inform yourself and take all possible precautions, my advice is that you do not buy on the internet a piece of furniture that is too expensive and that you can not return. Even if you see on the site that they accept returns, make sure you understand the terms of sale correctly. Each company usually has a different policy! Again, it’s worth calling the company helpline and getting answers to the following questions:

What Is The Deadline To Make A Return?

Is there a charge related to the return? Some companies charge a restocking fee if you return the furniture. This charge can be up to 25% of the price of the product. If possible, try to negotiate a partial refund of the cost.

Are they returning the money or a voucher from the store?

What exactly are the steps you must follow to make the return? For example: do you have to return it in the original packaging? What’s more, to what extent will it take to recoup the cash?

Who pays the shipping costs in case of return?

Can you return the furniture even if it is reduced or in liquidation?

Read the comments of other buyers

A significant advantage that you have before buying a piece of furniture online lies in the comments and criticism of other buyers of that same product. This information comes from buyers like you and, in addition to printing on the product itself, usually includes valuable comments about the shopping experience. That said, do not be swayed by one or two negative comments that mention problems that do not apply to your case.

Pay close attention to comments that talk about problems related to quality, durability, inaccurate product descriptions, the ease-or difficulty-of assembly (if required) or issues related to customer service that has to do with with the purchase or the return. If several people mention the same problem, do not ignore it! What I do is call the company and ask if they have solved the problem. If you don’t get a tasteful clarification, think carefully before buying that product. All the reviews you read will help you make the best decision.

Ask for samples and remnants

Different variables can affect the description of the product and, above all, the photos you see on the screen. Keep in mind that the various screens (computer, phone, tablet) vary the colors and textures of the furniture you see in the photos and the wood finishes.

For this reason, try to choose online stores that offer to send samples of fabrics, upholstery and wood finishes. Most online stores with good reputation send these samples at no cost.

See these samples and remnants in person, with the lighting you have at home, and contrast them with other colors and decorative elements that you already have in the room; Not only will it improve your shopping experience, but it will also make it less stressful.

Shipping and other costs

Be careful with the proclamations that say “free shipping.” Reading the fine print is imperative! Frequently “free shipping” only occurs when the price of the product reaches a high amount. Keep in mind that some companies add to shipping costs a packing fee that can be expensive when we talk about furniture. In addition to the details of the shipment (important to clarify if they will leave the boxes outside the house or apartment or put them inside), take into account that not all companies offer assembly service. If they offer it, they usually charge it separately or refer you to a third company with which they work. When it comes to bulky furniture, some online companies offer a delivery service known as “white glove” ( white glove delivery)). This means that they send the product, they unload it in your house, they take it out of the boxes, they assemble it or place it where you tell them and they make the empty boxes. It is the best option, especially if you can not carry boxes, but will increase the final price of the furniture.

For all this, before making a purchase call the customer service number of the store and ask them to clear all the charges related to the delivery and possible assembly.

Coupons and discount codes

Furnishing the house implies a substantial expense, so before buying, look for if the online store has some promotion that you can benefit from. Some websites offer, for example, a discount percentage if you subscribe to their page and agree to receive periodic information about their products. Search also on sites where they group coupons and discount codes organized by categories, among them:;  and Any discount helps!

The online sale of furniture and decoration grows every year, but some consumers still distrust before daring to take the step

No one questions now that purchasing pants without seeing them, without contacting them and without attempting them on is consummately achievable. Imagine a scenario where rather than some jeans we talk about a table for the lounge area or a couch. At that point, the value ascends at the same pace from questions develop. What’s more, the powerlessness to find face to face what we will purchase – to contact the wood to check on the off chance that it is safe or to sit on the love seat to ensure it is agreeable – moves toward becoming for some an unrealistic impediment.

In spite of this obstruction, the supply of furniture online is progressively overpowering. The goal, now, isn’t just to move, yet additionally to prompt and motivate the customer. Also, even goliaths that appeared to oppose have wound up giving in.  Ikea launched its online store 1.0 last November, a first version that the reference brand promises to refine and expand. Not in vain, the sector of the sale of furniture and decoration by Internet managed in the second quarter of 2016 (latest data available) a turnover of almost 26 million euros, as per the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) ); online stores accumulated a total of 176,275 transactions, 34% more than in the same period of the previous year.

The average purchase of this type of products over the Internet is 120 euros, according to a study by Flat 101, a high amount that forces us to analyze each detail thoroughly. What should we take into account this process of reflection? In addition to the usual precautions for any purchase on the Internet – look for a reliable seller, compare prices, do not act on impulse – three tricks can help us buy furniture online and avoid repentance when they get home.

The key is in the portrayal

Read the portrayal of the item is a commitment for an online purchaser, however, on account of furniture can affect progress and disappointment more supreme.

 Does that lamp you want includes the cable and the trim? Are the curtains sold in pairs or just a panel? The chaise tongue of the sofa goes to the left or the right? And can the carpet be machine washed or should it be taken to the dry cleaners? Think about the quick minute to get the furniture, yet additionally later on life, you will have once you return home. The street is brimming with little snares, so looking into and completing a first hunt on the key highlights of each piece we need to purchase can spare us a couple of frustrations.”The furniture is usually something that is bought ‘for life,’ and its price is higher. The client thinks a lot and investigates more than with other types of cheaper products.